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Kind Regards to 2011… bring on ’12!

2011 is winding down, the fast pace of June through November has slowed. I continue to tweak the new office space as I try and figure out how to make things flow with greatest ease. I easily have four or five times the amount of space compared to our townhouse. While I still need to buy carpet, install some shelves for my old camera collection and refurbish some cabinets with fresh paint and and new hardware, it’s already a far step ahead of the old space, and my used Hermann Miller chair is way more comfortable than the wood pottery barn chair I had prior.
























I’ve also been busy upgrading some equipment and figuring out better than the old gear. BTW, if you know anyone looking for a Canon 1DMKIIN and a EF 70-200 USM f/2.8 I’ll have those for sale after they get back from Canon Professional Services.

That said, new photography is happening, just smaller shoots most of the time. Some baby and family photography, a little Chicago Tribune photography, as well as some professional head shots for a local businessmen as well as event coverage for another client.

As I get ready to close out 2011, I’ve seen nice growth this year with a few new clients and I continue to find better ways to do business and will continue to tweak business processes to make my business more efficient, more profitable and of course produce great images for my clients while giving them the best customer service. As with everything I continue to learn at what it means to be a small business owner.

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