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Aerial Photography and the Three C’s

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Aerial Photography

Offering Oblique Aerial Photography services for real estate, property owners and managers as well as corporations with large facilities that need documentation of facilities in addition to construction updates and in general sites too large to photograph from the ground.  When a building or property is so large or expansive, shooting with your feet on the ground just doesn’t cut it. Helicopters are the best as they allow you to shoot from less extreme angles. If you’re old enough like me to remember Magnum P.I. and all the fun he had with T.C.’s helicopter! Just think of me hanging out the side while documenting your property. Depending on your needs, renting a plane also offers a great value, but higher angles from which to photography your properties.

Aurora University

The first two new aerial clients to book jobs in 2012 will receive $250 off of their final invoice.

Three C’s: Church, Commencement, Chiropractic

Who said C’s aren’t good? The past few weeks have seen a rush of work and it’s been exciting to stay so busy. But don’t be afraid to check my schedule, there’s always room!

In March, I was asked for a favor. A friend’s church was looking for a new Senior Pastor and not surprisingly the photos from members weren’t really making for the best recruiting material.

Therefore I was asked to come in and take a “few” photos. I don’t have any problem volunteering, when I know there’s a good cause, and frankly, I owed my friend a few favors! Not to mention, turning down a church just seemed like bad karma!

Church Recruitment

The goal was to get a number of photos during the Palm Sunday service, photos of staff working together as well as headshots. In the end, I made two trips to the church to finish the work, as several people who needed to be photographed weren’t available during the first visit. I was able to provide images for everything from the music director, the choir, associate pastor, congregation, communion, and a variety of images for their needs. The church’s large, bright interior made for a nice setting of images and a grateful staff made it easy to work during the service.


I have been in Aurora for several events, the 100th Anniversary of Aurora University as well as their graduation ceremonies. Always fun to be around clients and subjects who are in such good moods, whether it be the celebration of their first century in the City of Light or all the grads getting their Bachelor’s, Masters and a few Doctorates!

Aurora University Commencement 2012


As a photographer, it is not uncommon to have too much gear and therefore too much hanging off your shoulders, waist, back, etc. With that comes spinal issues and for that I’ve taken to seeing Dr. Tom Bryant at Health Solutions – Precision Spinal Care, LLC. He’s also taken to me for upgrading his website and it’s images.

Nucca Chiropractor, Northbrook, IL

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New Services & Clients

Aerials, Izzy and Lincoln

We can look at this in two different ways…. is this the start of my third year or fourth year. In all reality it’s the fourth. But I can tell you, in year one, as I was coming out of newspapers and trying to find my path, all the while dating the woman I would marry, that first year was pretty unfocused and very blurry, thankfully, my photography was better!

Let me fast forward a bit to the end of 2011. I’ve decided that December, January and much of February (unless in a leap year) will always be a bit sleepy. I should really just plan vacations in January for now on!

A few things I’ve decided to change up in 2012. First is essentially dropping my food photography category as well as the motorrad ( and instead adding in Aerials and Events.  Last year I took my first job doing aerials, something I had enjoyed being able to do as a newspaper photographer. Renting the helicopter was a blast and my client was super happy with the results as was I.

Aurora University

Secondly, as I analyzed my business from 2011, a lot of it had to do with event coverage. Now, by saying I shoot event coverage, I’m not the photographer who brings a green screen background and has everyone looking like they are on a beach in Maui. I shoot these in a journalistic style and will also shoot your group photos, so if you’re looking for candid photos of your event for your marketing and public relations materials then contact me and I’ll get you a custom quote.

Day of Service

To reflect back on a few shots, I wanted to share with you a photo of Doris Kearns Goodwin. She was visiting our area and speaking to one of my clients about Lincoln and presidential politics. I had asked if I could get her for  a few minutes before her speech to make a nice portrait. I never could find the formal library setting I wanted, but the library on campus did have an exhibit on Lincoln, so I used that instead. After testing the lights quickly with a student volunteer, I made this picture of DKG. For me it was a win-win situation. I made a nice portrait of high profile author and my client has an image that they can use to promote their series. Additionally, for the same client, I was able to cover a new type of event for them when a more than a 100 of their students went out and volunteered throughout the community, from cleaning out a space underneath a bridge where local homeless people live, to cleaning up the site for a growing food pantry to painting a fence for a women’s shelter.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

March continued to Spring up new work (bad I know)  as I photographed Israel Idonije for Bank of America during the Shamrock Shuffle last weekend. If you’ve never had the fortune of meeting “Izzy” he truly defies what you might think of professional athletes. He does great work through his foundation “Israel Idonije Foundation” Not to mention as he goes out and sacks opposing quarterbacks for the Chicago Bears.

Israel Idonije

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Aerial Photography Adventures Pt. 1

When a client calls, it’s always a good thing…well almost always! In this case it was very good, a question I had wanted to hear from someone, “Do you do aerials?”  Now as I heard the words I was definitely yes in my brain. I have been wanting to add Aerial Photography to my offerings for a while.

Despite a mild fear of heights and not being a huge roller coaster fan…. helicopters are completely different to my brain cells! The last time I went up in a helicopter, I was hanging out with Kansas Air National Guard members in a UH-60 Blackhawk doing night vision training while back in my Topeka days. The KANG was getting ready to deploy for a tour in Bosnia and we went out over the fields of Northeastern Kansas to see what farmers and cattle were doing.

I needed to make a few phone calls, including to my insurance agent, a few more calls to make sure I was covering all my bases, then more calls to check for availability of helicopters and pilots.

After a few weather delays, the day finally arrived, We were also waiting for the leafs to turn to their penultimate colors. In the end,  based off of referrals and the size of the helicopter I chose to rent from Sun Aero Helicopters who fly out of Lansing (IL) Municipal Airport. We’d be going up in a Robinson R44 Raven II aircraft. It was a great day to fly, lots of visibility, mild temps and a nice pilot didn’t hurt!

We arrived on scene about 25 minutes after liftoff… did I mention how cool it was to fly… with the door off my side? I guess watching M*A*S*H with my brother all those years paid off! I made some nice pictures which shows the client’s campus in perspective to their downtown area as well as a view of the Chicago skyline in the distance.

If you want aerials of your buildings or property, let me know, I’d be happy to go flying again!